Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011


Ninja Saga 1 Hit Kill All Hunting House Bosses… Working 28/01/2011

Requirements :
1. Cheat Engine 5.6.1 —> Download here
2. Firefox 3.6 —> Download here
1. Open firefox & log in to your ninja saga account
2. Go to hunting house & choose the boss… this screen will appear..

3. Click on “Attack” button…

4. Then u will find yourself standing in front of the boss…. this time don’t attack by weapon or jutsu… just stand your ground.. & do the following

5. Open cheat engine & u will see this kind of UI (user interface)
 6. Click on flashing button on the top left corner…
 7. Choose “plugin-container.exe” from the process list
 8. Now do the following settings in cheat engine:
Scan Type –> Exact Value
Value Type –> 4 Bytes

9. Now Type the HP of the boss in the scan field
7293 – Ginkotsu
12760 – Shikigami Yanki
27950 – Gedo Sessho Seki
12052 – Wind Tengu
15819 – Fire Tengu
75816 – Byakko
90720 – Ape King
132800 – Battle Turtle

10. Now Click on “First Scan” button.

11. u will see some results coming in left side window..

17. change it to “0″ & press “OK”

16. now double click on the “value” part.

13. Now return to the cheat engine & see the values in the left window… 1 value should get changed to exactly “Boss HP – ur damage”
eg. i just fought a battle turtle.. i scaned HP of turtle.. i.e. 132800…. then when i attacked him i did the 980 damage.. then 1 of the value should changed to exactly “131820″ which is exactly “132800 – 980″…

15. now u will see that double clicked value appeared in CE table.

 12. Now return to Ninja Saga & attack the boss & see the value of the damage you have done..

14. once you find this value.. double click on the value just above that changed value

18. Now return to ninja saga & attack the boss & the boss will be Dead…
That’s it.. Enjoy!!!!
1. i recommend that you don’t recruit any friend & should deactivate ur pet to get the accurate results
2. if u dont find the “plugin-container.exe” process then that means your firefox is not of version 3.6.. so u need to upgrade it… Download link is given above..
Well now.. Go Fu*k the boss… Enjoy & don’t forget to click “Thanks” if i help…..
u have double clicked an address which got affected by ur attack.. thats wrong thing… u have to double click the address above the affected address..
for example if ginkotu’s HP is 7293 & u attack him with 100 damage the ur addresses will be like this
Address – Value
0A4564 – 7293
04442A – 7293
00321E – 7193
the 3rd one is affected so u have to choose adress just above 3rd.. that is u have to choose 2nd address..